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Keep Your Furry Friend Secure During Strolls: Tips for Dog Owners

Make March 30 unforgettable with your furry companion by celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day! While you and Fido take advantage of this perfect day, just remember to be cautious for potential dangers that may arise. Ensure an enjoyable outing for both you and your pet by keeping watchful eyes out for these common hazards during your walk.


#1: Other dogs

While encountering another pup on your walk may seem harmless, it can quickly become a ill-fated situation. If either dog slips their collar or is reactive to strange environments, the potential for a negative interaction increases. Even friendly and off-leash dogs can be perceived as threats if they bound up to your pet too abruptly – so always keep watch of nearby pups and pay close attention to how your pet reacts around other animals! To further avoid any possible altercations among multiple dogs while in parks, try planning walks during less busy times of day.


#2: Traffic

When traversing on foot to a park, it is crucial to pay close attention for any vehicular or human activity. Keeping your pet nearby by your side will prevent any unfortunate incidents from occurring; an unleashed animal can easily run into traffic, snag a bicyclist in its leash mid-ride, or tangle pedestrians with the lead while they stroll. Additionally, if you have opted for a retractable leash that isn’t securely locked—if Fido spots something interesting and starts running towards it—the force of him lunging ahead may cause the belt itself to snap!


#3: Parasites

Don’t let pesky park-dwelling parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes ruin your pet’s outdoor adventure. Make sure to provide year-round preventives for both external and internal pests before venturing out, then thoroughly inspect from nose-to-tail when you return home.


#4: Wildlife

While your pup’s sniffer is leading them around the park, they may stumble across animal burrows, nests and resting areas. Typically wild animals will amble away when people or their pooches come near to it; however, some might become hostile in order to protect their young ones and food sources. It’s best not to disturb these creatures as they can potentially pass on diseases as well as parasites.


If you and your furry friend are out enjoying nature, make sure they remain safe from potential illnesses by scheduling regular preventive care with our team. Give us a call to arrange for your pet’s wellness appointment now!